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Recommended for rooms up to 35 m2 | Noise level, max 25 dB | Colour White | Dimensions 380x207x396mm
Description:Air Washer CA-803
Suitable: 35m² / 90m³ / 375ft²

• ideal for rooms up to 35m² / 90m³ / 375ft²
• Transforms unclean and dry air into clean and healthy air
• Healthy indoor air through natural purification and air humidification
• Air humidification through cold evaporation
• Water as a natural filter for air purification
• Activated carbon prefilter
• Antimicrobial water filter with nano silver
• Acts against allergens like dust, pollen, animal hair
• Acts against particle-bound smells
• Prevents dust being stirred up and is hence ideal for people suffering from allergies
• Prevents allergic reactions such as sneezing, irritated eyes and hay fever
• Dry skin is carefully protected and moisturized
• Soothes skin problems like neurodermatitis and psoriasis
• Acts against tiredness, lack of concentration and tenseness
• Prevents damages caused through drying out of furniture, wooden floors, plants and other valuable object
• Hygienic humidification
• The antibacterial effect of silver provides germ-free water
• No need for chemicals!
• Integrated humidity sensor
• Intensive air purification
• Four programs to optimize indoor climate
• Day and night operation
• Very silent < 25 dB (A) Mode: Sleep / Baby
• Digital display with dimmer
• Ideal for the bedroom and children’s rooms
• Easy to clean, parts can easily be removed from the casing
• No filter pads that get dirty or need to be disposed of
• Easy in maintenance and operation
• Robust and long-lasting
• Saving a lot of energy thanks to highly efficient technology
• Removable water tank for easy refill
• Automatic switch off, display and alarm when the water tank is empty
• GS and CE tested
• Lifestyle Design suited for all interiors
Recommended for rooms up to:35m2
Noise level, max:25dB
Shipping box quantity:1
Shipping Box Depth:42.5cm
Shipping Box Height:45cm
Shipping Box Weight:7.6kg
Shipping Box Width:27.5cm
Unit Brutto Volume:0.05259m³
Unit Net Weight:6.4kg
Unit Gross Weight:7.6kg
Unit Box Width:0.275
Unit Box Length:0.425
Unit Box Height:0.45
Full Description Line:Recommended for rooms up to 35 m2|Noise level, max 25 dB|Colour White|Dimensions 380x207x396mm
Category Code:HUM